Whether you have a food allergy, religious constraint, or a vegetarian lifestyle, GrooveDish helps you find and enjoy the food that best suits your dietary needs.

Multi Platform

Designed to work on iOS and android platforms.

In House Tablet App

Each location is given a personalized in house tablet app to allow users to benefit from Groovedish regardless of owning a smartphone.

What is Groovedish?

Our mission is to help those with dietary restrictions safely navigate the restaurant world. Whether it’s food allergies, vegetarianism, gluten intolerance, or even preference – we’re here for you!

We partner directly with restaurants to ensure that our dietary restriction information is coming straight from the source. Even though we’re a new company, we’re working hard to bring you new restaurants everyday, and provide a product that is exactly what you want. We’re always listening and implementing your feedback.



1. Advertise their dishes and specials

2. Reach out to those with dietary restrictions and provide them with customized menus (giving these guests more options and incentive to visit).

3. Speed up service for wait staff (who no longer have to search long ingredient books for allergens or bother the head chef).

4. Providing restaurants with customer and analytic information (for example, we can inform managers how many vegetarians are eating at their restaurant with social media integration).

5. Social media sharing metrics: When people share and advertise dishes on GrooveDish, we are able to educate the restaurants on how many people these dishes are exposed to.

6. Improved revenue, profit, and awareness.



1. Increased safety while dining out (as users can see which dishes are safe for them to consume before they even arrive at their destination).

2. Decreased anxiety (there is no longer a need for the awkward “back and forth process” with the server).

3. Improved dining options (as these individuals can see possible modifications to dishes, making them compatible for their dietary constraint).

4. Ability to instantly view specials, dishes, and restaurant information.

5. Users are able to rate and review dishes and restaurants!


Search for restaurants in your area and sort them based on cuisine, price, and likes!



Search for dishes in your area and sort/filter them based on cuisine, price and likes.



Know what specials are happening in your area. You can sort/filter specials based on date or type of special (food, drink or events).


Dietary Restrictions

Select any dietary restrictions that apply to you, and our menus will be customized to only display what is safe for you to eat.